Week 14

The term new technological media offers human beings tremendous opportunities to experience new things. With the technology of touch screen and Virtual Reality, we can easily assume that anything is possible in the near future. With technology allowing us to “hear” and “see” and “feel” things, new technology brought art aesthetics onto a whole new level. With each sense being added to the new media experience, we as human beings are becoming closer as well. For example, telephone allows us to listen and talk to each other from a long distance. television provides sound and image from different parts of the city, even the world about different stories. Now with internet, we are closer than ever compare to decades ago. Video games evolutes from a single simple graphic game into interactive worldwide connected games. With that being invented and created, from an aesthetic perspective, new technological media allows us with more interaction and more dynamic experience. Now the 360 degree VR videos online allows this sensation of real life experience. If a video is shot in 360 degrees, viewers are able to experience the whole room or environment without physically being there.

However, nature did not provide us with all these technologies. We still have to observe, learn and master the “secret” regarding new technology. With that being said, people who are not capable of learning new technologies will be limited access to the world. People who simply cannot afford these technological devices are being restricted from entering the world. In this transitioning phase, we are facing so many issues, as what we are “hearing” and “seeing” may not be true.


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