Week 14

With the technology constantly advancing, it is inevitable that it will impact media in a distinct way. When I hear the phrase “new technological media” my mind immediately goes in a couple of different directions. The first is virtual reality. This is not simply limited to virtual reality films, but video games, and virtual reality as a means of healing an ailment (such as different forms of vision impairment). To “hear” and “see” through new technological media, is a description of the different ways our bodies react and interact with media. With the virtual reality example, a few different companies (HTC and Sony) have developed glasses that individuals with visual impairments can wear so that they are able to experience “sight” in a way that they haven’t before. Perhaps it isn’t the way that those of us who do not have visual impairments “see”, but it does allow for some sort of sensory awareness.

In terms of aesthetics, I think that new technological media is incredibly positive. We are constantly learning how to interact with the world in new and different ways, and therefore it allows us to produce different types of work that we may not have been able to do in the past. We discussed in class a few weeks ago about “playing music” through your computer. Although some will argue that if you aren’t using an instrument, you aren’t actually playing music, but the thing is, you’re still able to get the notes out that you want. You’re still able to produce some form of music.



  1. I can’t agree more with new technological media is incredibly positive. I think we as human beings are being introduced to different cultures and we are able to understand each other better than ever. As for music, it is crazy to think that you don’t need an orchestra to produce music, a single computer can make the tracks possible.


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